ATHL Group offers innovative solar energy solutions which require less space and maintenance and generate more clean energy output at a fraction of the cost of traditional solar energy solutions.

ATHL Group provides solar generators for your solar need

Our solar energy generators can be used for both consumer and commercial use to power structures ranging from large buildings to small villas.

They can be mounted on any flat surface, receive solar energy from any angle, are completely encapsulated and can both consume and store energy for later usage or sale.

Why Choose ATHL

We are not just a solar company, we are advocates for a more sustainable future on both micro and macro scales. ATHL takes a holistic approach in terms of solving the world’s energy consumption issues, by saving space, energy and money for our clients.

ATHL Group

Every product is locally produced and assembled, improving quality and reducing cost.

ATHL Group in Uae

Smart products developed using advanced technology, ensuring high efficiency and minimum wastage.